A little bit more about me!


Hiya! I’m Jo!
This is the kind of thing I struggle with most, trying to describe myself! I think this stems from the fact that I am still learning about myself everyday, finding out new things and realising that my outlooks are changing as i’m growing up. & this is good! This is always good.

I have always been a big advocate for change. I like things to be changing around me, & for things not to be a routine or too ‘samey samey’. As an anxious person (in the weirdest of ways might I add!) you may think that change would trigger a lot of my anxieties, however I have found it is in fact the exact opposite. I like to have lifestyle changes to work towards, or a constant knowledge that this is not my final destination. Basically I just like CHANGE!

The downside to this is that I have been indecisive about career choices pretty much my entire life, from originally wanting to be a vet, to attending a London University nursing taster day, & originally applying for University to do Broadcast and Journalism!
A drastic change of heart took place during the summer before Uni, seeing a small scale production and knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I remember turning to my mom & pointing like, “thats what I need to do Mom, I need to swap course”.

So there I was at the end of August, cancelling my UCAS account and applying through clearing for Musical Theatre and Drama courses. Its crazy that three years later here I am, ploughing through the tail end of third year & currently writing a dissertation. Where did that time go? I think the phrase ‘quarter life crisis’ should apply to the ages 21-25 because… WHAT HAPPENS AFTER UNIVERSITY??? (thinking of writing a blogpost about this because I KNOW so many people are in the same boat!)

Anyway, I’m sure throughout this ‘creative outlet’ blog thing i’ve got going on, you will see more about me!

J x