Talking things into existence… My top 10 Musical Theatre roles…

I have decided that the way forward is to talk things into existence. There is a funny story that started this thought process, which goes like this…
Working as a barmaid, I usually spark up some interesting conversations with customers which often leads onto telling them about my performing and what I want to do etc…

A lot of the oldies are so supportive, telling me to “go for it girl”, but there are always the few people who huff under their breath at the thought of a ‘musical theatre career’…
One gentleman, who I had up until this point quite got on with,  abruptly turned to me and said “so you have finished your course now… why aren’t you famous yet?
Without a second of hesitation, i replied “oh I WILL be.” and in that moment I believed it… 

I had in fact previously said to myself I would be quite content with teaching my subject and keeping performing as a hobby alongside it. As long as I was performing to audiences, I was happy. However this moment caught me off-guard, like a little voice in the back of my brain forced itself forward to respond to this rude man. I WILL BE FAMOUS. So here I am, throwing the dream out into the public and TALKING IT INTO EXISTENCE.

To start this process, I will be listing my TOP 10 DREAM ROLES and my favourite song of theirs. The thought is that one day this will be a check list to tick off (omg plz).
This was the hardest list to rank, ever… EVER. 

10) Millie Dillmount (Thoroughly Modern Millie)

Thoroughly Modern Millie Broadway Show

Oh hello SUTTON FOSTER you absolute beautiful human. I was a fan of the role of Millie Dillmount since my college days when I watched my good friend Mollie-Anna Riley do a flawless performance. (she has Youtube!) My favourite song to perform would be ‘Forget About the Boy‘.


9) Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

ELLE WOODSKeeping with the theme of my college days, recently saw my old lecturer Chloe Turner perform an amazing Elle in BMTC’s Legally Blonde, which in turn made it a dream role for myself. Of course my favourite song to perform would be ‘Legally Blonde‘… 


8) Glinda (Wicked)

As a soprano, performing any songs from Wicked & singing Glinda’s part was a dream. I performed ‘For Good‘ with one of my best friends Kellie Foster (youtube her!) and fell in love with the role. I’m not the biggest fan of pink (oh really, from your previous choice?) but I think Glinda could make me learn to love it…


7) Doralee (9 to 5)


Again, this dream role came from performing the song ‘I Just Might‘ with two of my best friends Kellie (Judy) and Megan (Violet). I love Doralee’s character and storyline. Who doesn’t want a big blonde barnet too? 





6) Madame Thénardier (Les Miserables)



As far as comedic roles go, I have only ever played a couple. I think Madame T would be a hilariously fun role to play and i’d love to give ‘Master of the House‘ a bloody good go if I ever got the chance!




5) Maureen (RENT)



This was not a role I had ever considered until I performed ‘Take Me or Leave Me‘ at a University concert with my friend Jade as Joanne… I couldn’t play a character with my own name of course… (This was literally my only reason for suggesting I played Maureen when proposed with the duet, never did I think i’d be seductively crawling across tables…)



4) Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)


Has anyone else seen Carrie Hope Fletcher perform as Veronica and fell completely in love with the role? Because I DEFINITELY have! I have a cover on my YouTube channel of ‘Seventeen‘ which is easily my favourite song from the show!




3) Reno Sweeney (Anything Goes)


Oh hi again Sutton Foster! She inspired another dream role of mine throughout research for my dissertation performance. I am a huge fan of Ethel Merman and Sutton Foster and comparing their performances of ‘Anything Goes‘ was my favourite part of my research. I also LOVED performing that song!



2) Nancy (Oliver!)

NANCY. 2jpg
How is it over 10 years ago since Jodie Prenger won ‘I’d Do Anything’ in 2008!? Anyway, from this point onwards I was in love with the role of Nancy and the show Oliver! I performed as Nancy in a school production in 2013 & loved performing ‘It’s A Fine Life!’
However the song ‘As Long As He Needs Me‘ holds sentimental value as it was the song I auditioned to get into University with. (SO over-done but I still love it haha).




At number 1 we have…

1) Audrey (Little Shop of Horrors)
Cast: Careht Cassidy (swing), Leon Craig (AudreyII Voice), Gbemisola Ikumelo (Crystal), Andrew London (Audrey II Puppeteer), Karis Jack (Ciffon), Frances Mayli McCann (Female Swing), Frances McNamee (Audrey), Carole Stennett (Ronnette), Ben Stott (SeymourIs anyone reading this from my University? Are you surprised!? I somehow managed to perform ‘Somewhere That’s Green‘ every year of my University course for some reason or another. It is safe to say that it is my go-to song for auditions! The role of Audrey herself is something I think I could master which is why I’m hoping one day I get to play her! ❤


It is all about talking things into existence…

Hope you have enjoyed reading! It really was a task ranking these roles! You should give it a go! ❤


J x


  1. Love musicals. Don’t have the talent to be on stage; but will always have the passion for musical theatre. As an audience member, it does feel like you are on that stage; like an actual character on that stage; also see the orchestra as a character. Will always be this theatre goer. Some people don’t understand how can I be passionate about musicals, but will never be on stage- I always have to say I don’t have the talent, but some of them never believe me.


  2. Such amazing strong characters! Sutton Foster makes every character she plays suddenly appear on that ‘dream to perform’ list!
    You WILL be famous, singing your heart out in whichever big blonde wigged character you’re performing as and I’ll be front row cheering!! ❤️


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