A crowded lonely world…

I need to address something. I am posting this for my own sanity but also hoping I am not the only person who feels this way because that would be VERY sad.

The social media world.
I want to say, ‘luckily’ I grew up in the generation where technology was thriving and multiple social platforms were being born, but is this really lucky?
I guess it is beneficial that I can’t remember any different, that I am not wishing for things to be “how they were before we lived our entire lives on the internet”… but I find myself wishing for this exact thing without really knowing what life was without it.

The power to update potentially thousands of people you know (and the rest of the world) about every little thing your day entails, MUST eventually come with repercussions. Well I think I have found it.

In a crowded world, I have never felt more lonely.
Does my feed look like i’m lonely? Quick, best to post a picture with my friends from months ago so that my followers can see i’m ‘living my best life’… 

Around two weeks ago I promised my best friend I would stay at her house overnight so that I could sign for a important parcel in the morning. Cool, no problem! I’ll scroll through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, close, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, close for a few hours!
*Throws spanner into the works* I had forgot my charger & my phone died in the night…
No problem, i’m sure I can entertain myself! This was until I realised my friend in fact did not have a functioning clock in the house, I did not have a watch or any other ELECTRICAL item with me and I therefore had no idea what the time was…
Hilarious right? I was lost and disconnected from the world for a whole three hours and let me tell you I felt every minute.
Is this normal? Is this how we function now? 

So during these three hours, I had a lot of time to think. Turns out I can actually use my brain for something else other than scrolling through every video on Facebook!
I realised that, even when I do have my phone with me and access to all these different social platforms and ways of communication that I actually don’t speak to people. Yes of course I saw that you got engaged last week and gave it a ‘like’, and I also know that you’ve started your own business which I might have given a share if I remembered… But do I actually CONNECT with any of these people?
What does a Facebook/Instagram ‘like’,  really mean? And why do we need them so badly? Is it because we need to be reminded that we are ‘connected’ and still active in this internet world? I am still here, can you see me? *Posts picture of Starbucks cup on a desk with the caption ‘busy day!’, yet spend the next 20 minutes checking the likes I got on the post* 

Ok, now this is starting to sound really dramatic and sad.
I guess the point I am trying to make is that I feel like I spend so much time trying to be ‘active’ on social media, that I forgot what it means to have genuine relationships and connections with people.
This year I am going to be making more of an effort to engage with the people around me. Obviously, this is sometimes unrealistic with people you knew from school/college/uni/old work places, when you don’t see them frequently. However, I am going to try and utilise my social media to make an impact, create connections and above all spread some love. If I like someones outfit I’m going to comment and tell them. If I see an old friend post something about their new business, I’m going to share and comment asking how it is going. If I see someone doing something that interests me, I will drop them a direct message to have a conversation about it.

I want to connect.
Then maybe, just MAYBE, I won’t feel so lonely.

J x



  1. Great post! I’ve felt lonely too after spending waaaaay too long on social media. It feels like I know about someone’s life, but I haven’t actually talked to them so am I even really, truly friends with this person? I think that it’s a great idea to have that goal of connection with people and talking with them. 🙂

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