Avoiding the ‘Quarter Life Crisis’…

I have recently entered a blog competition in which they gave me a list of themes to draw upon. As soon as I saw ‘student life’ and ‘feminism’, I knew I was going to have a good time. Sure enough, I really enjoyed writing this little post so I thought i’d share!

Avoiding the ‘Quarter Life Crisis’…

If like myself, you fell into the start of the ‘compulsory education until 18’ bracket (which in effect planned the next 5 years for us) I’m sure you will be experiencing the same panic-struck feeling of ‘what now?’.

Over the past year, I have truly come to believe that the ages of 21-25 are the scariest years. From the day I was born, the next 21 years were planned in the firm structure of the education system. I remember first acknowledging this unsettling feeling at the end of year 11, thinking to myself that I only had ‘two stages’ of education left. Although, it still felt like a life-time away until I would be at my final step.

Age 21.

Here I am, horrendously in my over-draft, probably the unhealthiest I have ever been, and approaching second semester of my THIRD year of Uni. AAAH!

The pressures of always having to know the next step, your end goal, and knowing your career choice was drilled into my head from an early stage. I actually think this may have been a contributing factor towards the reason why I still don’t know. The pressures of having to decide early, made me panic and materialise a million different options and career choices in my head. It has come to the point now where it is just a matter of deciding my direction. But HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO DECIDE?


In the light of the recent anniversary of the Suffragette movement, it seems only fitting to talk about feminism. Studying feminism throughout my course, I realise how LUCKY I am to be a woman in this time studying something at a degree level, never-mind something performance based. Women of the past fought for the simple right of being classed as a ‘person’, to be able to organize their own finances, to live a life without the watchful eye of a husband; alongside the right to vote. If those suffragettes could have had a glimpse of the future, they would have been in ore at someone like myself studying MUSICAL THEATRE at University.

How could I possibly be ungrateful and not carry on to do my Masters!?…

Ok, ok, maybe I am just trying to convince myself and find a concrete reason to stay. The truth is, I am no closer to knowing what I want to do now than I was on the first day of college. That is the scary part, but I think I have finally realised this is ok. I have decided to stay on and do my Masters for the simple reason of… it gives me another year to decide what the hell I am doing with my ‘adult life!’. Which also means another year to avoid the full wrath of the ‘quarter life crisis’…


In true student style, I’ll deal with it later!


Joanne Brookes 


Here is a photo of myself (in the heels!) and my lovely friends from my course, performing a Suffragette based piece of Museum Theatre!

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